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Video-gaming head ‘smashes’ the CEO stereotype

Jess was featured in The Australian discussing her lived experience of neurodivergence and how it influences her work at Next Level Collaboration. Jess also reflects on the value of video games as an area of interest during her own childhood and how strengths in gaming support collaborative skill development at Next Level Collaboration. Read the […]

Level up: how a gaming program is helping neurodivergent kids get social

jess rowlings and dr matt harrison together holding game controllers smiling

In this interview, Jess and Matt talk about why we co-founded Next Level Collaboration and what we have learned in our social enterprise journey so far. Jess and Matt also explain how we celebrate diversity, support unique individual needs for our participants, and provide a neurodiverse-friendly working environment for our team. Read the full article […]

Game-based program helps autistic kids learn social skills

This article discusses Next Level Collaboration’s journey as a social enterprise from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne and research potential around digital games-based learning. Jess and Matt also talk about why we proudly maintain a strengths-based, neurodiverse-positive approach in our program sessions and promote the lived experiences of the […]

Can video games help kids with autism?

Our launch event in May 2021 was featured on ABC News. Jess and Matt talk about how Next Level Collaboration began and one of our participating families shares how being part of Next Level Collaboration’s programs has helped support them. The segment also shows a preview of some co-operative video games we play during Next […]

Cutting-edge’ initiative teaches neurodiverse kids social skills via video games

In this article, Jess and Matt discuss how the Next Level Collaboration program was developed through Matt’s PhD research and how we use games as a tool to build social capacity for program participants. Jess and Matt also talk about the importance of our social mission and neurodivergent-led team.  Read the full article at

Rainbow Collaboration

Next Level Collaboration participant Ariya and her family were featured in the Herald Sun. Ariya and her family share their experiences being part of our Next Level Collaboration sessions and what it has meant for them.