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Our Values

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  • Collaboration is in our name because it’s at the heart of all that we do. Not only are our programs designed to teach skills for teamwork, but we also welcome input from our participants and the neurodivergent community to continually improve our programs.
  • We are more than games-based learning. As an organisation, we welcome and celebrate the diversity of our participants. Rather than attempting to ‘fix’ areas of perceived deficit, we focus on developing the social capabilities and collaborative skills that every child and young adult requires to be safe, happy, and learning.
  • Not only are our program leaders trained professionals, but we actively recruit team members who have lived experiences of neurodivergence. As an organisation we are committed to having over 50% staff with lived experience, including at least one staff member with lived experience in every session that we run.
  • Our social mission is grounded in recognising, valuing, and amplifying the voices of the neurodivergent community. This includes supporting our staff by actively providing accommodations for their needs, a positive work-life balance, and an equitable wage.